Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm
Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm
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Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm


MFG. PART: AHCG-A-1 UPC: 686091722177
Care Go™ is a modern personal alarm that protects your whole family. It comes with SOS emergency requests to all your friends and family with real-time GPS tracking. Its Follow Me mode also allows your loved ones to keep an eye on you in uncertain situations and receive critical alerts even when their phones are on silent (currently iOS only).

SOS with Real-Time Location
When the SOS mode has been activated, your precise GPS location will be instantly shared with your protectors in real-time.

Unlimited Protectors
The Care Go app allows you to add as many protectors as you want and they will all be notified whenever you are in need of their help.

iOS Critical Alerts Even On Silent Mode
Care Go™ pushes critical alerts through your phone so your emergency contacts can receive a loud alarm even if their phone is set to silent mode. We have achieved this by leveraging iOS’ Critical Alert API so that you can get the help you need right away. This feature is currently only available on iOS.

Tough Little Guy
Care Go™ is meant to go with you therefore, we made sure that it can withstand most outdoor environments. Its exterior shell is made of high-quality anodized aluminum that’s water (IP65 rated) and dust resistant.

Charge Once A Year
Emergency situations require a full battery. That’s why we eliminated the use of one-use batteries and powered the Care Go™ with a rechargeable battery instead. It’s a powerful 150 mAh battery that needs to be recharged for one hour once a year.

Light As A Feather, Powerful Like Dynamite
The Care Go™ is extremely light making it effortless to carry, you might even forget that you have it! It’s only 0.59 in x 2.65 in (15 mm X67.2 mm) and weighs less than a set of keys!

Three Safety Modes
SOS - Alert your loved ones when you are in critical need of their help

Follow Me - Notify your loved ones if you don’t want to walk down a dark alley alone

Finder - Attach your Care Go™ to a set of keys, your wallet, or something that you easily misplaced and always knows where it is. Powered by Bluetooth 5 tracking.

Faster connection with Bluetooth® 5
Care Go™ is powered by the latest Bluetooth 5 technology which ensures that your phone and Care Go™ device are always connected with more stability and reliability.

Supporting App Available
The Care Go™ App is a powerful companion to Care Go™. Users can enjoy the most critical features after buying the Care Go™ and downloading the application without having to pay for a subscription fee. Premium users can also enjoy a set of additional features including 24/7 professional support in the future. Available on iOS and Android (Mid-May 2020).
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