Roland V-1HD STR 4-channel HD Video Switcher Livestreaming Bundle
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Roland V-1HD STR 4-channel HD Video Switcher Livestreaming Bundle
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Roland V-1HD STR 4-channel HD Video Switcher Livestreaming Bundle

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Streamline Your Video Setup with Roland
The Roland V-1HD STR 4-channel HD Video Switcher Livestreaming Bundle is a high-quality solution for optimizing your video workflow and simplifying your setup. Combining two Roland devices into one package — the V-1HD Video Switcher and UVC-01 Video Encoder — this bundle is ideal for streams, webcasts, performances, conference room events, school presentations, and anyone looking to take their setup to the next level. At its core is the V-1HD Video Switcher, small enough for a backpack or laptop case with plenty of power to handle up to four video sources with ease. Its seamless integration with standard production setups means no cumbersome changes are required. When plugged into the UVC-01 Video Encoder, you get instant access to professional-quality streams complete with uncompressed 1080p HD resolution at a stunning 60 FPS.

V-1HD: All-in-one solution for seamless video switching
With its awesome power and shockingly compact design, the V-1HD Video Switcher is a prime example of Roland’s commitment to creating high-quality products with full-featured functionality. This compact switcher fits easily in your equipment bag and eliminates the need for several separate pieces of gear. The V-1HD easily switches between cameras, smartphones, computers, tablets, and more with one push of a button or slide of the onboard fader, with HDMI inputs for up to four devices at a time. Sweetwater’s video experts were thoroughly impressed with the V-1HD Video Switcher’s multi-resolution support for 720p all the way to crisp and clean 1080p, compatible with both progressive and interlace signals at the same time. Top it off with real-time pro video effects and a full 12-channel audio mixer, and you get a compact and portable video mixer fully capable of running small productions and high-quality streams.

UVC-01: simple video encoder for plug-and-play livestreaming
Streaming and video calls are an ever-growing part of our everyday lives. When you need professional-quality results from your streams, it’s crucial to rely on a trustworthy name. That’s where Roland steps in, showcasing their decades of innovation and consistency in the UVC-01. This simple-to-use video encoder is the perfect solution for adding top-notch streaming capabilities to your V-1HD Video Switcher. Just connect the V-1HD to the UVC-01 via HDMI, plug the encoder into your computer’s USB 3.0 port, and start streaming to your favorite platforms. With its simple operation, the UVC-01 epitomizes “plug-and-play” functionality for your streaming setup.

Roland V-1HD STR 4-channel HD Video Switcher Livestreaming Bundle Features:
V-1HD Video Switcher: high-quality 4-input video switcher
UVC-01 Video Encoder: plug-and-play USB operation with seamless integration with Roland V-series switchers
Simplifies your production workflow with professional-quality video and audio
4 HDMI inputs with wide video compatibility and multi-resolution support courtesy of the V-1HD
Onboard video effects and full 12-channel audio mixer
Uncompressed 1080p HD at 60 FPS with UVC-01
Dedicated analog audio line makes it easy to add live music

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