Lenovo Premier Support
Lenovo Premier Support
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Lenovo Premier Support

Extended Service - 33 Month - Service - On-site - Maintenance - Parts & Labor

MFG. PART: 5WS0V09920
  • Product Type: Service
  • Provided Support: Parts Replacement, Phone Support, Repair
  • Service Duration: 33 Month
  • Service Type: Maintenance

General Information

Manufacturer: Lenovo Group Limited
Manufacturer Part Number: 5WS0V09920
Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.lenovo.com/ca/en
Brand Name: Lenovo
Service Name: Premier Support - Extended Service
Product Type: Service

Service Information

Service Main Type: Maintenance
Service Characteristic: Parts & Labor
Provided Support: Parts Replacement, Repair, Phone Support
Service Location: On-site
Service Duration: 33 Month
Product Supported: Lenovo S200z 10HA, 10K1, 10K4, 10K5|Lenovo S400z 10HB, 10K2|Lenovo S500z 10HC, 10K3|Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 63z 10D4, 10D5, 10D6, 10D7, 10E0, 10E1, 10E2, 10E3, 10EK, 10EL, 10EM|Lenovo ThinkCentre M700z 10EY, 10F1|Lenovo ThinkCentre M70a 11CK, 11CL, 11E2, 11E3|Lenovo ThinkCentre M70a Gen 2 11K3|Lenovo ThinkCentre M73z 10BB, 10BC|Lenovo ThinkCentre M800z 10ET, 10EU, 10EV, 10EW|Lenovo ThinkCentre M810z 10NX, 10NY, 10Q0, 10Q1|Lenovo ThinkCentre M820z AIO 10SC, 10SD|Lenovo ThinkCentre M83z 10C2, 10C3|Lenovo V130-20IGM AIO 10RX|Lenovo V30a-22IIL AIO 11LC|Lenovo V30a-22IML AIO 11FV|Lenovo V30a-24IIL AIO 11LA|Lenovo V30a-24IML AIO 11FT|Lenovo V310z 10QG|Lenovo V330-20ICB AIO 10UK, 10UL|Lenovo V410z 10QV, 10QW, 10R5, 10R6|Lenovo V50a-22IMB AIO 11FN|Lenovo V50a-24IMB AIO 11FJ|Lenovo V510z 10NH, 10NJ, 10NQ|Lenovo V530-22ICB AIO 10US, 10UU|Lenovo V530-24ICB AIO 10UW, 10UX|Lenovo V540-24IWL AIO 10YS
Pricing Type: After-Point-Of-Sale (APOS)
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