Mad Catz Bundles Gaming Mouse & Surface
Mad Catz Bundles Gaming Mouse & Surface
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Mad Catz Bundles Gaming Mouse & Surface

Overview - Experience maximum control over your game with MAD CATZ 1 gaming bundle. It comes with a R.A.T. 4+ OPTICAL GAMING MOUSE AND GAMING SURFACE AUTHENTIC G.L.I.D.E. 19 mouse pad so you have everything you need to ensure stealth moves and precision to take down your opponent.

Mouse - The R.A.T range is built for endurance, using materials and components specified to meet the demands.
La R.A.T. 4+ is constructed around a super lightweight chassis, ensuring the sensor position is perfectly balanced for tracking on your gaming surface. It also provides a rigid foundation for the rest of the control modules.
R.A.T. 4+ also comes fitted with industry-leading OMRON switches (a life of 20 million clicks), ensuring that those with the fastest clicking fingers won't miss an action!

Mouse Pad - G.L.I.D.E. series is called hybrid because MAD CATZ didn’t settle for one material over the other. Instead, they created a best-of-both-world hybrid of silicone and cloth. Regardless of the type of sensor living in your mouse, G.L.I.D.E. series gives you total control and maximum accuracy.
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