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ThinkShield is Lenovo’s portfolio of secure hardware, software, and services.

Secure Supply Chain

Rigorous, trackable, and auditable security standards are built into every step of Lenovo's secure and transparent supply chain.

Lenovo Innovations

Every new Lenovo product is secure by design, with secure hardware engineered by the makers of the world’s most trusted business PCs.

World-Class Partners

Lenovo has partnered with the industry’s most trusted security providers to provide deeper and broader protections.

Device Protection

In 2006, an unprotected laptop was lost, revealing the personal information of 26.5 million U.S. veterans—costing up to $500 million. Protect your devices.

Data Protection

In 2013, Target allowed exposure of 40 million credit and debit card numbers, costing the company over $200 million. Keep your data safe.

Identity Protection

In 2014, stolen credentials exposed 145 million eBay users, causing the company to revise revenue targets down by $200 million. Make sure your devices know you.

Online Protection

In 2018, one click on a phishing link unleashed malware that exposed the personal records of 1.5 million SingHealth patients. Avoid online threats.

Working together to fortify your business

ThinkShield brings world-class security providers together arm-in-arm to defend your company from security threats. Outfitting your business with modern Think devices, complete with the Intel® vPro™ platform and Windows 10 Pro, gives you the foundation for a secure business.

How can investing in IT security
drive business growth?

If your organization thinks of IT security as a cost and not an investment, you’re behind the competition.

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Building Better Businesses
Through Security

ThinkShield helps IT safely support and accelerate technological progress, without impeding the employee experience.

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How can you ensure every moment of a device’s lifecycle is secure?

Most businesses use IT personnel as their first line of defense. But what about the times they’re not available?

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Can Your PCs
Defend Themselves?

Hardware components are opening up new possibilities for hardening endpoints from attack.

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Missed Patches Lead to
Big Breaches

ThinkShield features a customizable selection of automated solutions for finding and delivering critical patches.

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Holding Out on Making the Shift
to Windows 10?

Lenovo is here to help you get the
most from the enhanced security of Windows 10.

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Protecting and Enabling
the End User

You can trust ThinkShield to provide an unobstructive and secure user experience without making more work for IT admins.

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Trust Nothing.
Verify Everything.

ThinkShield provides tools
to help you build your
zero trust environment.

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Solutions & Defense Guides

ThinkShield Solutions Guide

Explore the current security landscape and see how ThinkShield can defend your business while providing a platform for innovation.

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Defense in Depth with Lenovo ThinkShield

This Practical Guide for ITDMs explores how the best IT security solutions aren’t single-purpose tools. You need a solution like ThinkShield.

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Simpler security starts here.

All new Lenovo devices are secure by design with essential ThinkShield protections built in.

Don't leave your business unprotected.

DirectDial has experts on hand to help you find the right solution to secure your organization or business.
Click below to contact a DirectDial Representative about Lenovo ThinkShield today.

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