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Public & Private Cloud Solutions.

Cloud Migration, Usage, Administration, and Management of Cloud Workloads.

Seamless Cloud Migration Expertise.

At the heart of an organization's digital evolution lies the modernization of applications, with cloud adoption planning a pivotal role. At directMSP, we advocate for a strategy of 'migration for modernization,' empowering our clients to fully leverage the capabilities of public cloud platforms and services. Collaboratively, we work towards realizing their digital transformation objectives by:

  • Implementing Public & Hybrid Solutions.
  • Transitioning Workloads from On‑Premises Environments.
  • Ensuring the Security and Integrity of Client Data Across Different Platforms.
  • Prioritizing Availability, Security, Performance, and Cost Efficiency.

Empowering Cloud Initiatives with Certified Specialists.

We offer end-to-end support that empowers our clients' cloud initiatives. Whether it's through professional guidance, managed services, or a range of assessment tools, we're equipped to provide value at every phase of your cloud transformation.

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Managed Cloud Solutions

Help to maintain and operate your production cloud environment. Our team of remote certified cloud experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This service aims to help you better manage capacity, availability, and cost efficiency of your cloud consumption.

  • Manage IT™ Microsoft 365 Administration - This 24/7/365 management service ensures better managed capacity and availability of Microsoft 365 environments and the apps within.
  • Manage IT™ Cloud Azure - Assist in the administration, adoption and management of Azure products to help maintain and operate your Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) workloads.
  • Microsoft CSP - A Microsoft direct (Canada) and indirect (Portugal) Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) we can sell and support subscriptions to Microsoft services, and offer full cloud solution services from beginning to end.
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Private Cloud Solutions

directVirtualize is the ultimate private cloud migration experience. Transition your organization with ease from a local server environment to the private cloud. Equipped with efficient data storage and an array of servers, directVirtualize offers enterprise-grade performance and power. This service offers the key benefit of a fixed cost predictability — no surprises. Additional value-added benefits to directVirtualize include:

  • Fixed Monthly Costs - Unlike some consumption-based cloud providers, this offering is based on a predictive monthly cost model.
  • SLA Driven Performance - Your infrastructure is always available and secured by a strict, penalty-enforced 99.9% SLA.
  • GEO Compliant - Critical to security and compliance, the server data is kept local to the country of origin.
  • Disaster Recovery Ready - Hot and cold replication to another site for quick server and system activation.

Our Cloud Platforms

We leverage a network of cutting-edge technology partners to deliver inventive solutions, expanded capabilities, and exceptional services to you


Virtual private servers are virtual machines that run on their own operating system.


Azure ® is a platform of cloud computing services hosted by Microsoft.


Subsidiary of Amazon ® that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms.

One of the greatest discoveries a person makes, one of their great surprises, is to find they can do what they were afraid they couldn't do.

- Henry Ford

FinOps - Introducing A Framework for Optimizing Cloud Operations.

FinOps is a strategic framework helping companies control their costs and make efficient use of cloud services. This cloud financial management discipline brings together IT operations, finance, and other stakeholders and was created by the FinOps Foundation. FinOps combines core principles and capabilities to optimize spending and increase business value through improved collaboration, expense and asset management, and data-driven decision making. When you implement a FinOps framework, you can achieve the greatest possible return on investment, rather than just cost-cutting.

FinOps Infographic

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