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    Allow what you need, block everything else… Including Ransomware!

     We prevent threats with Zero Trust Endpoint Security.

     Get unprecedented visibility and control of your cybersecurity, quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

     We provide best-in-class 24/7 computer technical support services to our customers.

     We bring extensive cybersecurity knowledge.

     We help, support, and guide our clients the means to enhance their security infrastructure.

     We offer comprehensive, fully managed security in the cloud.

     We deliver no nonsense old-fashioned ingenuity with amazing outcomes.

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    We offer a complete, affordable, all-in-one IT Remote Management Solution!

     We offer comprehensive and proactive cloud-managed IT managed services.

     We manage your entire user base, reduce overheads, and empower your existing tech team.

     We deliver superior real-time monitoring, support, maintenance, and asset management of your IT infrastructure.

     We supply detailed real-time information feeds of systems, inventory, warranty, and lifecycle management.

     We deliver full AI-powered automated patch management.

     We offer fast and easy onboarding with 24/7 customer service support.

     We Improve business efficiency with automation and integration to elevate your productivity.

     We monitor and manage endpoints to mitigate risk.

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    Data Protection has evolved. We keep your business running!

     We help organizations safeguard growing threats to their data, such as ransomware, accidental deletion, and compliance requirements.

     We make you ransomware ready, while dramatically reducing costs, complexity and maintenance.

     Back up more, in less time with our secure backup with fast recovery.

     Streamline backup management and scale the solution as you grow.

     We deliver Image-based backups for VMware, NAS, Windows and more.

     We offer native backup & recovery for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

     We can deliver, install and support on premise, in-the-cloud, and hybrid data solutions.

     We have a great, cost-effective cloud-based data protection solution for Microsoft 365.

     We deliver unified monitoring and reporting across on-premises, cloud, and remote agents.

     We provide 24/7 customer service support.

     Protecting your business directStore keeps your data safe and within reach.

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    Usage, Administration, and Management of Private or Public Cloud Workloads!

     We possess the skills, methods, and tools to position your business to maximize the benefits of operating in the cloud.

     We help you plan, govern, and optimize cloud consumption (which reduces costs).

     We help your maintain and operate your production cloud environment.

     We offer solutions for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and virtual private servers to fit your business needs.

     Our remote team of certified cloud experts are available 24/7 365.

     We can help you better manage capacity, availability, and cost efficiency of your cloud consumption.

     We take a holistic approach to cloud cost management and follow the FinOps Foundation Principals.

     Our expert cloud team can maximize the benefits of moving to the cloud by bringing value to you and your customers.

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    Service all your Global Business Locations and Remote Staff with 24/7/365 Support!

     Next generation of Helpdesk Managed Services.

     Optimize operational costs by transforming your IT support.

     Scalable, secure, and extensible IT service management.

     Onsite and Remote Hands-On Assistance.

     Fully equipped with industry experts.

     Microsoft 365 Suite included.

     Serving more than 50,000 customers globally.

     92% First Contact Resolution (FCR).

     Multilingual (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish).

     Ticket Management with SLA.

     SOC 2 Compliant.

     Flat Fee User Pricing.

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    Assessment, Design, Execution, and Implementation of IT Solutions!

     Provides you access to a highly skilled team of engineers, architects, and project managers.

     Designed to address your strategic organizational initiatives.

     Allows you to accelerate enablement, automation, and transformation.

     Over 100+ certifications with some of the biggest brands in the industry.

     10,000 projects completed.

     Our team is certified and experienced.

     Our Services Include:

     Virtual CIO

     Security Management

     Disaster Recovery Planning


     Cost Optimization

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    National IT Procurement Simplified!

     Maximize Efficiency & Saving while simplifying your Supply Chain.

     Access to over 500 suppliers for your hardware & software needs.

     World-class ecommerce experience.

     Lifecycle service including Microsoft Autopilot.

     Dedicated mature Bi-lingual Account Management Team. (10+ year average tenure)

     25+ year Supply Chain Expertise.

     Hardware Asset Management.

     A more convenient way to procure IT.

     Exceptional Flexibility, Scalability, and Service.

     Let us help you reduce inefficiencies, costs, and complexities in your IT procurement.

  • directManage Logo 365

    End-to-End Microsoft 365 Managed Solutions!

     Comprehensive plans designed to meet your needs & budget.

     Quick and Easy Onboarding.

     Assessments, Planning, and Migration Services.

     Fixed monthly cost per-user billing.

     24/7 bi-lingual Helpdesk support.

     Backup solutions for Exchange, Teams, SharePoint and more.

     Microsoft 365 Software Subscriptions Simplified.

     User & Group Management with Dashboard Reporting.

     Security, identity, and governance monitoring.

     Device management.

    Already Have Microsoft 365?

    You can still get our Managed Services for Microsoft 365, even if you have an existing Microsoft Enterprise Agreement or licensing agreements with other providers

  • directManage Logo Autopilot

    Intune Mobile Device Management with Autopilot. - Simplify Device Deployment.
    Start saving time… a lot of time!

    Don’t try to onboard new devices on your own anymore! Between configuring security settings, implementing anti-virus software, building firewalls and deploying workplace applications, there’s a lot already on your plate. Let us do the work for you. Zero-touch for your IT.

     • Change the way devices get deployed, reset, and repurposed in your company.

     Take the burden off your IT team to load software and apps then ship out devices.

     We register the new PC with Microsoft Intune and Autopilot for you.

     We create and assign setup & configuration profiles from your licensing.

     We ship the new devices directly to the employee for you.

     The employee receives and unboxes their new device.

     The employee connects to the internet and signs in.

     The new device seamlessly downloads the settings and apps.

     We can handle ongoing device management for you.

     Streamline your business operations.

Next-Generation Managed IT Support Services for Business.

We deliver a complete portfolio of managed services, working with your team to mitigate risk and upskill your team members to increase confidence in outsourcing managed services.  We have the expertise and tools to be your partner of choice and serve as your trusted advisor along your entire modernization journey. Let our people show you what technology makes possible. Whether you’re looking for bench strength to provide technical support for internal staff, need a managed IT partner to design, implement, and manage your technology, or you're interested in how digital transformation can improve your business… we can help.

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“The digital transformation coming to the professional services industry is long overdue” says Greg Bruzas, Founder & CEO. “Businesses want a partner who is accountable for outcomes. By combining strategy, tech, partnerships, and people disciplines, we use methods to test, refine and iterate ideas in a way that is pragmatic, visible, and scalable.”

- Greg Bruzas, CEO.

Greg Bruzas - CEO

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