49" 3840 X 2160 Uhd
Instant Rebate: $41 (3%)
49" 3840 X 2160 Uhd
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49" 3840 X 2160 Uhd

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Original Price: $1,192 Instant Rebate: $41 (3%). Expires 9/30/2022 $1,151 USD

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49" UHD, 28% Haze, HDMI (3), DP, DVI-D, Audio, USB 2.0 (1) DP, Audio (Off/Fixed/Variable), Builtin Speaker, 24/7, (50,00 hrs), Landscape and Portratit, Viewing Angle (178 x 178), Internal Memory 8GB (System 4GB + Available 3.6GB), Built-in Wi-Fi, Temperature Sensor, Auto Brightness Sensor, Current Sensor, Embedded CMS (USB Auto Playback, Local Contents Scheduling, Group Manager), Image Customization, Failover, Content Sync (RS232C, Local Network), Screen Share, Play via URL, OSD Rotation, Content Rotation, PIP/PBP(4), Tile Mode Setting (Max 15x15), Setting Data Cloning, Firmware Update by Network, SNMP 1.4, ISM Mode, Crestron Connected 1), Cisco Compatibility 2), Beacon, HDMI-CEC3), SI Server Setting, webRTC.
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